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Communication problems cast a dull, gray shadow on many aspects of life including relationships, earning potential, self-esteem, and safety. Your decision to take action and deal with your hearing problem impacts the people in your sphere of influence and your life direction. At Colorful Hearing, we have the compassion and expertise to guide you on your journey to the Land Over the Rainbow. Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion linked arm-in-arm on an adventure to find the one thing they each wanted. Together, they recovered from loss. Come link arms with us – on the Yellow Brick Road of life.

We can transition four important groups of people to Oz, the land over the rainbow, where you recover from loss.

Those who have ears, but cannot hear…

Hearing Impaired Patients

You know it is true, but you are hoping we will tell you it isn’t: you have a hearing impairment. If you think ignoring hearing loss will make it invisible, reality will expose you. People can tell that you nodded your head when you didn’t understand. They see the quizzical look. They notice the delayed response, and they tire of repeating themselves. By human nature, a negative meaning gets assigned to your behavior, whether it is accurate or not. At Colorful Hearing, we want people to see you, not your hearing impairment. We can equip you to communicate with confidence. When you break through the barrier of untreated hearing loss, confidence goes up and stress comes down. Dr. Taylor guides people to this happy outcome every day. She has walked that Yellow Brick Road herself, beyond the gray-scale loss of hearing and the torment of tinnitus. At Colorful Hearing our staff has the brains, heart, and courage to help you find your heart’s desire.

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Those who want to recover their peace…

Tinnitus Patients

The tormentor tinnitus whispers vexation in the void of no peace. There is a way out of the anguish of persistent tinnitus. Dr. Taylor works with your physician, counselor, chiropractor and/or family to help you put tinnitus in its place. She understands the distress that accompanies tinnitus. At Colorful Hearing, we offer techniques, supported by research, and very cool technology to help you tell the tinnitus tormentor to, “Shut Up!” Peace can be restored. We will help you get there.

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Family members of those who linger in untreated hearing loss…

Loved Ones

There is no place like home, but untreated hearing loss puts a wedge in family relationships. It is not your responsibility to be someone else’s ears. That communication wedge often leaves Loved Ones with the burden of being someone else’s interpreter, personal assistant, or silent partner. The loneliness of not being able to communicate can be dispelled. At Colorful Hearing, we encourage Loved Ones to accompany Patients on their appointments. We will equip you get out of the lonely rut and learn new ways of communicating with ease. We can set both parties free from the burden of untreated hearing loss. Restored communication at home is just a click away.

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Those who have not lost their song…


At Colorful Hearing, we are vigilant to protect the hearing of anyone exposed to loud sound, whether the source of potentially damaging sound is pleasurable – as with music, or environmental – as with workplace noise. We offer Musicians masterful sound and protection with custom in-ear monitors and noise cancellation. Take care of your best instrument, your ears.

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