Hearing Aids

Amazing Technology

Hearing aids are amazing electronic medical devices, about the size of an almond, which must work in the presence of heat and moisture, 365 days per year. The digital processor inside uses artificial intelligence to monitor the environment for speech, speech-in-noise, music, impact noise, or a combination of signals so you can decide which signal is important. Maybe what’s important at the time is the ability to clearly pick your child’s laughter out of all the kids on the playground. With high-tech hearing aids, you decide.

Hearing aids exchange data with each other while they dynamically change the volume in precise timing. Such sophisticated sound processing enables you to hear clearly in challenging environments, so you don’t have to think about it.

Hearing instruments are available in many sizes and features with the power to tackle even profound hearing loss. Smart hearing aids work with smart phones and TV streamers through wireless transmission to offer direct streaming access, simultaneously in both ears. The clarity of hearing TV or the phone through Bluetooth transmission, specifically shaped for your hearing loss is astounding! You won’t hear auditory feedback (squealing) when you are on a Bluetooth phone call.

Meet the cool CEO surfer

Jon Shackleton’s testimony in the following video indicates what can be done, even for profound hearing loss.

Hearing Aids That Let You Forget You Have a Hearing Loss

Dr. Taylor listens to the latest and greatest developments in hearing aid technology to find the products that offer the best sound quality, reliability, ease of use, seamless connectivity, and greatest value. She considers your lifestyle demands, your personal preferences, the degree and type of your hearing loss, your preferences for digital media, the issue of tinnitus, the physical condition of your ear, and your budget to offer a prescription for success. Hearing care is about solving your communication needs, not buying a widget. It matters as much who fits you, as what you are fit with. Your hearing instruments can be programmed to handle sound in many ways, all of which affect your ability to hear and understand. Dr. Taylor carefully monitors your hearing aid fitting to maximize your residual hearing, as life changes and challenges you.

Your Personal Hearing Care Plan

At Colorful Hearing, we are independently owned. Some big box and retail clinics are owned by or contracted with one manufacturer, so they can only dispense that brand of hearing aids. We know that every person’s hearing loss is individual and should be treated with a unique prescription. We contract with all of the major manufacturers and make proper selections among hundreds of hearing aids, listening devices, musician’s gear, and acoustic solutions.

It’s a Learning Curve

Acclimatization: There’s a $50 word. Hearing aids are not like eyeglasses. Eyeglasses correct eyesight to give 20/20 vision, pretty much as soon as you put them on. Most people lose their hearing gradually and may wait 7 to 10 years before they do anything about the hearing loss. Bad move.

During those long and lonely years, the brain has to enlist a strategy to cope with missing auditory input. Neural pathways atrophy without auditory stimulation, much like muscles atrophy when an arm is in a sling. Because the brain has to work with the input from the ear, new sounds coming from hearing aids take time to relearn and assign accurate meaning. Research suggests that this period of acclimatization around 14 weeks. That’s one reason why it is important to come to your follow-up appointments, so Dr. Taylor can guide you through the process to better speech understanding and sound awareness. The outcome of a successful hearing aid fitting is reduced stress and increased confidence to live life to the fullest! At Colorful Hearing, we can take you there.

If you really like a specific manufacturer of hearing aids or in-ear monitors, please tell us. We also offer repair and technological support of products made by these manufacturers, even if you did not purchase your devices from Colorful Hearing.

It’s your time in life! Call us at (940) 387-3330 or contact us here to schedule your appointment. In many cases, you can be fit with your new hearing aids right away…..

So you can stop:

  • Struggling to hear
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Feeling embarrassed
  • Making your family listen to TV louder than they like
  • Blaming people for mumbling
  • Being left out
  • Feeling so fatigued

And start:

  • Hearing crystal clear sound
  • Feeling more confident
  • Having more energy
  • Connecting to your phone clearly
  • Hearing the TV even when you walk out of the room
  • Accepting invitations to social events
  • Enjoying conversation and music

Call us at (940) 387-3330 or contact us here to schedule your appointment.

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