Hearing Protection

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is Preventable

You are wise to check into ways to protect your hearing. Noise induced hearing loss is preventable, yet is it the fastest growing cause for permanent hearing loss. It is easy to think it won’t happen to me, until it does.

You can minimize your exposure to noise or loud sound (back off)

Or ~ You can protect your ears while exposed to noise or loud sound (suit up)

Or ~ You can do both

If you don’t find hearing protection comfortable, you probably won’t wear it; therefore, it can’t protect your hearing. You wouldn’t dream of picking up a hot pan without a pot holder. To keep your delicate inner ear hair cells from being stressed, literally to the breaking point, hearing protection needs to be in your ears faithfully when exposed to loud noise. Following noise exposure, tinnitus (or ringing in the ears) is your body’s warning that your ears got “burned”. Heed that warning; back off, suit up, or make an appointment to have your hearing checked.

Permanent hearing loss and tormenting tinnitus can have sudden onset following blasts of noise or intense continuous noise. With a simple phone call, you can prevent the problems that could last a lifetime and rob you of the things you enjoy in life.

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Noice-Induced Hearing Loss
Courtesy of Etymotic Research, Inc.

Active Hearing Protection

For Hunters, Policemen, Firemen, and Gun Enthusiasts

Your life may depend on your ability to hear – while protecting your ears from sudden blasts and high level noise. That level of protection requires active electronic circuits that capture blasts of noise in a nanosecond. Electronic earplugs let you hear naturally when no noise is present, then kick in when your environment gets loud. At the flip of a switch, they also provide a little extra amplification to help you hear that rattlesnake rustlin’ in the brush. Active electronic protection is different from passive hearing protection. We will help you sort out the best option for your exposure.


Custom Fit Hearing Protection

The key is consistency. We offer custom fit hearing protection so you can wear it consistently and comfortably. Depending on the type of noise, the duration of exposure, and demands to communicate while wearing earplugs, we will find an option that works for you. You can get 25 dB or 15 dB or 9 dB of reduced loudness by using custom fit hearing protection.

Schedule a short appointment so we can discuss your challenging environment, have a look in your ears, and take ear impressions. The ear impressions are sent to the lab, and you will have your custom ear plugs in about 10 days. You can add design features at no extra charge to make them reflect your style.

Universal Fit Hearing Protection

We keep universal fit ear plugs in stock. Stop by and we will fix you up. These are not like the foam plugs you may have used that make everything sound muffled. They are ergonomically designed to have a flat frequency response, feel comfortable, and let enough sound through to let you communicate, while protecting your ears.

Swim Plugs

Custom fit swim plugs keep water out of your ears. If you have had P.E. tubes because of chronic middle ear infections, swim plugs are a must for keeping your ears protected in wet places. Swim plugs require a short appointment to take ear impressions. Your new bright colored swim plugs will be ready in about 10 days.

Swim plugs for surfers are also available to seal water out and protect your eardrums from the pressure of crashing waves. These swim plugs allow basic conversation while wearing.


When the dude wearing earbuds is listening to sound so loud that everyone else can hear too, you can be sure the level is dangerously loud inside the ear canal. In the free field, sound pressure can dissipate into the atmosphere. Inside a tiny ear canal, sound pressure level has nowhere to go, but into the delicate inner ear.

Earbuds are available that block competing noise or limit the sound to safe listening levels. These specially designed earbuds are perfect for parents who are looking for a way to follow through on the instinct to protect their kids’ ears. Even when children choose to turn the volume up to maximum output, they can listen safely for up to 4 hours. Fits iPhone®, iPod®, iPad®, tablets, Mp3, video games and DVD players.