Listening Devices

Listening devices help you overcome distance and noise

Whether we access our window to the world through TVs, laptops, iPads®, Xboxes®, or smartphones, digital media is a gate that we want to keep open. Exciting recent developments in hearing aids allow direct access to your chosen device through wireless streaming, also called Bluetooth. At Colorful Hearing, we make your hearing aids and Bluetooth-enabled listening devices talk to each other, so you don’t have to figure this stuff out.

Listening Devices for Phone

With wireless streaming, you can listen to sound, shaped for your hearing loss, directly in both ears, at a comfortable volume – without wires or earphones covering your ears. Feedback (electronic whistling) used to be a big problem with old-fashioned hearing aids when the phone receiver came near one hearing aid. That problem is solved with wireless streaming. You answer the phone like anyone else and get a signal that is crystal clear in both ears. On the phone, you can’t see the talker’s face, so hearing in both ears is a huge advantage!

At Colorful Hearing, we are vigilant to find assistive technology that sets you free from stigma and embarrassment. Who wants to wear a neckloop all the time for the privilege of receiving a phone call? We think there are better solutions. Newsflash! You can control your hearing aids or whatever you are watching from a remote app on your phone. No more fiddling with buttons on your hearing aids, drawing attention to yourself. You blend right in at Starbucks, because it is common to see people messing with their phones. If you do not wish to use a cell phone, we still have great assistive listening devices for you, like hand-held remotes.

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Listening Devices for Television

The most common complaint from families of hearing impaired people is that the TV is way too loud. Current listening devices can link wirelessly with the TV. A streaming device plugged into the back of the TV beams the signal up to 30 feet away. That means you won’t miss a minute of the football game while you go to the john or get a second slice of pizza. With wireless streaming, a signal shaped for your specific needs is received in both hearing aids – just like having your own personal speakers. You can listen to TV at your preferred volume while your family hears the TV program at the volume they prefer. You can even watch TV in the middle of the night on mute! Your family won’t hear a thing, but you will. Listening devices have restored peace in many family fights over the TV.

TV Streamer


Companion Microphone Devices

There are environmental situations that hearing aids cannot overcome very well because the auditory system is severely damaged. Understanding speech in very noisy places challenges just about all hearing impaired people. With TVs blaring, music playing, kitchen noise, and a roomful of chattering people, most restaurants even challenge normal hearing people! Check out our Conversation Friendly Restaurants page for a list of the best local restaurants where you can eat great food and enjoy great conversation at the same time.

Mini MicThe best option for overcoming really tough listening environments is the use of a companion microphone (mic). The mic is placed on the lapel of the person you want to talk to, and their voice is streamed to your hearing aids without picking up the noise in the room. You can still hear the noise in the room, but the voice will be delivered with great clarity. The companion mic is very useful for long drives or to talk to the kids in the back seat of the car. You can place your companion mic near laptop speakers to hear at work or near the TV when you are in a hotel. You can also plug the mic into the audio jack of just about any device that plays sound. This makes a terrific gift for your Loved One, because you are reinforcing the message that he or she is important to you. You also relieve your Loved One from the burden of shouting in order to be understood. Valentine’s Day can happen right now!

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Remote Controls

Assistive listening devices include remotes with lighted screens to confirm changes you made with your hearing aids. The remote enables you to change volume, link with your TV, select a special program for tough listening environments, mute the hearing aids, or tell if your batteries have run out of juice. The visual confirmation of what you are hearing saves time. A remote control is very easy to use and can be especially handy for caregivers.

Remote Control


Tinnitus Apps

Sound therapy for Tinnitus Patients is very effective for delivering relief. A world of apps is available for tinnitus management. You can stream soothing sounds directly from your iPad ® or iPhone ® to your hearing aids to reduce stress or fall asleep. This puts control over your response to tinnitus, and the anxiety associated with it, in your hands.

Access to smartphone apps is also available for Android phones with an intermediary listening device. It is anticipated that Android smartphones and hearing aids will link without the extra listening device within the next year.

Call us at Colorful Hearing (940) 387-3330 to remove your barriers to the use of the phone or TV. Listening devices help you hear when the hearing gets tough.