Sharp Minds Are Sexy

Researchers at Johns Hopkins found a link between hearing loss and dementia. Untreated hearing loss prevents stimulation of the auditory cortex, which can lead to auditory memory loss and brain shrinkage.  Auditory neural pathways atrophy, very similar to muscles that become weak when they are immobilized over time. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Source »

Keep your mind sharp by keeping the neural pathways open.  The use of hearing aids keeps sound flowing to the auditory cortex. Your brain won’t have to work as hard to make sense of the world. And you’ll have more energy for the things in life you really enjoy.

Sex involves the most intimate form of communication.

Untreated hearing loss can erode the intimacy one shares with his/her partner, because of missed information and styles of communication that leave the couple in a frustrated rut.  Dr. Taylor is here to fit you with the right hearing aids that will bring soft sounds to life.  Everyone wants to hear that sweet-nothing, the first time.  Ask for a repetition of an expression of passion, and the moment has probably evaporated.


Dr. Taylor works with couples to get out of communication ruts.  There is no need to live with strain between you and your loved one.

Feedback in a relationship is a good thing, unless that feedback is electronic whistling.  Hearing aids that whistle when a loved one comes in for a kiss, violate the moment.  Feedback can be controlled.  If you are experiencing feedback when you get near a person for a hug, tell Dr. Taylor.  You don’t have to put up with that and neither does your partner.

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