Meet Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor of Colorful Hearing


Growing up in Indiana, Dr. Taylor’s childhood heroes were Walt Disney and Helen Keller. Providence set her on the path that would one day place her to live in Walt’s dream town and serve people who experience hearing loss. Ironically after years of study in audiology, Dr. Taylor suddenly became hearing impaired overnight. Her understanding deepened, as she personally triumphed over hearing loss and tinnitus.

Dr. Taylor owns and directs Colorful Hearing. She draws upon more than 25 years of experience in audiology to create effective communication solutions for her Patients.  Dr. Taylor has a passion to equip Patients to communicate with ease and break through communication barriers. She takes the time to teach people to use the technology successfully.  Family involvement is encouraged at Colorful Hearing, as Dr. Taylor counsels couples to restore relationships that were compromised by communication ruts.  Because hearing loss is often permanent, Dr. Taylor is vigilant to offer protection for musicians to preserve their most precious instrument, their ears.  Dr. Taylor wears hearing aids and uses listening devices, so she knows the little things that add up to big satisfaction and value for her Patients. And Dr. Taylor has personally dispatched the tinnitus monster. Peace rules in her Kingdom.

Dr. Taylor is a graduate of Purdue University and the University of Memphis.

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Fun Facts:

  • She loves burnt popcorn.
  • She collects 1950’s-1970’s Lunch Boxes.
  • She once broke her arm hang-gliding.
  • Clutter is her arch enemy.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • Every Christmas Eve when all the gifts are under the tree and everyone is asleep, she pours red glitter in a trail all over the house, to mark where Santa stepped.  If you see red glitter on her shoes in July, you can be sure that Christmas cheer is still in her carpet at home.

Meet Michael Mische

Michael Mische

Financial Advisor

Michael Mische’s career spans 35 years in finance, business management, information technology and organizational leadership. As a technology consultant for IBM, he provided IT solutions for the Federal Reserve Bank at Richmond, VA.  Mr. Mische controlled $330 million in annual accounting transactions at Verizon and he served as Project Leader at the FDIC for resolution of insolvent banks through financially turbulent times.

As a graduate of Georgia Tech, Mr. Mische studied mathematics and industrial engineering.   He also earned an MBA in management and accounting from Darden, the distinguished business school at the University of Virginia.

In the United States Army, Mr. Mische served as a Ranger and a Green Beret.  He commanded rifle and mortar platoons in the 82nd Airborne Division and acted as the Executive Officer for an A-team, Fifth Special Forces.

Meet Tifinee Brandon

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Practice Manger

Tifinee, the one with the magic wand, keeps all systems for medical admin advancing and running smoothly as  Office Manager. Tifinee’s beautiful, friendly voice welcomes callers and visitors. No phone tree here! Tifinee attended Kilgore College for Business Administration and has worked in the medical field for over ten years. Tifinee enjoys spoiling Zeke, her beloved Cheagle (Chihuahua/Beagle) and her 12 nieces and nephews. The kids call her Aunt Tiffy.

Meet Ammo


Security Detail

The clinic therapy dog Ammo doesn’t look anything like Toto.  His job is to be soft and cuddly and fend off flying monkeys.