What’s in your ear canal?

Most people know to get their teeth cleaned at the dentist twice a year, and to get a vision exam at least once a year; but how long has it been since your hearing was checked? Elementary school? Armed forces induction? Maybe a nurse took a peek at urgent care?

Shows cerumen occlusion or ‘ear clogged with wax’

This gentleman stepped up to find out why he couldn’t hear?  An audiologic exam determined that there were two reasons.  First, his ear canal was blocked with wax which prevented sound from getting to his eardrum.  Secondly, he also had permanent hearing loss that required treatment in both ears. People can’t help it when the ear canal gets stopped up. In an effort to clean the ears, the use of Q-tips may only pack it in deeper.

Shows what was beyond the wax once it was cleared out

An audiologist can help since you can’t see in your own ear. After the wax was removed, this was what was lurking in the dark space beyond….  AHHHHH!!!! A dead bug. Who knows how it got in there? One thing is for sure – it had been there a long time. Scary.

Shows ear cleaned out


With his ear all clear, he felt much better. Air and sound could come in naturally. Next, it was time to tackle the hearing loss. And he did…very successfully. Time for Thanksgiving!