Hearing Aid Maintenance, Longevity and Reliability

At Colorful Hearing we see our Patients about every 4 months to clean and check the hearing instruments.

Dr. Taylor (not some tech) reviews your unique pattern of usage specific to your communication challenges, catches any need for adjustments, and checks for connectivity issues with your smartphone or accessories.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Consider how your cell phone looks after about 2 years of normal wear and tear?

broken_phone Imagine the performance requirements for a medical device, the size of an almond, that has to work seamlessly in the presence of heat and moisture, 365 days per year. That level of precision performance is what we expect and deliver for your hearing aids. So Dr. Taylor carefully considers which technology to recommend, to ensure reliability for all concerned.

When you come to your maintenance appointment, your hearing instruments are brought to our pristine lab for examination and cleaning. Dr. Taylor removes moisture and wax from them with special tools. Domes, wax guards, and sport locks are replaced and verified to be optimal for your changing needs. If a firmware upgrade is available, she also updates the chip inside your sophisticated hearing instruments so they keep pace with your smartphones and accessories.

Dr. Taylor reviews the data logging to see how you are interacting with your technology. She can discuss those results with you according to your personal style and preference. Why should you put up with a glitchy problem that could easily be solved if she knew you were wrestling with it? Colorful Hearing’s commitment to every Patient is to optimize the use of technology and maximize communication ease, consistently over the life of the hearing instruments.

Otoscopic examOtoscopic exam is conducted at each visit to check for physical changes in your ear canal or eardrum, as well as any accumulation of wax which may interfere with sound transmission. We have ear cleaning kits available that are very effective for keeping your ears clear, in between visits.