Deputy Mike Sweet

As a Peace Officer, Deputy Mike Sweet has to overcome unique communication challenges to do his job. He has found functional solutions that overcome permanent hearing loss and keep him tuned in to people and his sound environment. It takes courage and common sense to realize that hearing impairment must be effectively dealt with to stay safe and carry out law enforcement.

Deputy Sweet wears comfortable ReSound receiver-in-the ear hearing instruments that link wirelessly with his iPhone. The iPhone gives Deputy Sweet extended control over what and how he hears, instantly. He also uses a secure companion microphone connected to his radio to simultaneously monitor radio transmission while he is engaged with courtroom activity. Hushed conversations at the bench can be heard with discretion because of his advanced hearing aid technology. And he finds the personally fit hearing instruments much more comfortable to wear all day than the standard issue tethered earpiece that works with only one ear and gets in the way of other required protective gear.