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It matters as much who you are fit by, as what you are fit with.

At Colorful Hearing, you are seen by Dr. Rebecca Taylor, a licensed Ph.D. audiologist who has successfully equipped over 21,100 hearing impaired people to break through their communication barriers over her 20 year career. Hearing aids can very closely mimic the way the healthy cochlea functions, if programmed properly. Every person is different; therefore, each hearing aid fitting should go beyond the manufacturer’s factory setting. Dr. Taylor spends time with you to understand your perceptual preferences and translates your hearing likes and needs into acoustic solutions that let you live life to the fullest. With high-tech Live Speech Mapping, you can see your acoustic results in living color.

Continuity of Care

You won’t be faced with the awkwardness of being seen by a different provider each time you come for an appointment. Dr. Taylor owns the practice and commits to providing continuity of distinctive care at every appointment. She knows your case and generates an effective prescription for your unique communication, performance, or prevention needs.

Audiologist Dr. Taylor in Texas

Expert on the Tough Stuff

Dr. Taylor’s doctoral dissertation focused on speech perception in noise while working with world-renowned researchers at Purdue University and the University of Memphis. Understanding speech-in-noise is one of the toughest problems that hearing impaired people face. Dr. Taylor knows how to give you every advantage to improve your quality of life, no matter what your communication challenges may be.

Secret: She Can Relate

Dr. Taylor had to walk the same path you are contemplating. After she finished her doctorate, she suddenly became hearing impaired overnight as a consequence of surgery unrelated to her ears. Because Dr. Taylor has overcome hearing loss and tinnitus, she is tenacious about finding creative solutions to help you maximize your residual hearing with hearing aids and listening devices that fit your needs and budget. Dr. Taylor knows the little things about wearing hearing aids and listening devices that add up to outright delight. She couldn’t get along 15 minutes without her hearing aids, and she wouldn’t leave you hanging either.

Smart Ways to Pay

We realize that reconnecting with relationships, increased earning potential, and the sounds of life may require an investment in yourself. Mr. Michael Mische is a certified financial advisor on staff, who is able to guide you to find sensible options to finance your hearing instrument technology. We accept cash, all major credit cards, PayPal, and personal checks.

Exclusive Care

It’s tough sorting out where to go for hearing help. In the United States, there are about 36 million hearing impaired people and only about 15,000 audiologists in the entire country. That means one audiologist would have to cover about 2,400 Patients. Texas law allows people who are not audiologists to fit hearing aids. You have probably heard stories of people who tried hearing aids that did not work. It matters as much who fits you, as what you are fit with.

Only 2% of audiologists in the state of Texas who are PhD’s, see Patients. And Dr. Taylor is right here in your hometown.

goldencircle Sensaphonics Golden Circle Certification

Dr. Taylor is a certified Sensaphonics Gold Circle member which means that she has worked with the music industry’s master,  Dr. Michael Santucci, to understand and effectively meet the needs of musicians and sound engineers for high-impact monitoring on stage.


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