About Us

This is our story

Our inspiration for Colorful Hearing was animated by the scene in the 1939 movie Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy walked out of Kansas into Oz. The magical transition from existence in gray-scale to life in living color parallels the auditory journey that hearing impaired Patients make, on the way to recovering their quality of life.  Untreated hearing loss cheats people into accepting a barren auditory soundscape.  At Colorful Hearing, we restore sound to fullness for each individual with the use of hearing aids and listening devices.  The result is…..that life blooms in living color.  In that transition, confidence goes up and stress comes down.  Come, experience hearing in living color, at the most whimsical doctor’s office you have ever seen. We have fun in the Land Over the Rainbow, where Colorful Hearing is dedicated to the Young at Heart.


The day after Dr. Taylor saw her first Patient with Colorful Hearing, a full bow rainbow appeared over her home in the middle of the dry Texas summer.  And her first Patient’s name was……Dorothy.  No kidding!


Meet Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor of Colorful Hearing

Dr. Taylor wears hearing aids and uses listening devices.  Because she couldn’t do without her hearing aids for 15 minutes, she is tenacious about solving her Patients’ communication problems. She has more than 25 years experience creating effective personal solutions for hearing impaired people, tinnitus sufferers, and musicians.  Hearing loss affects the entire family.  Dr. Taylor welcomes family involvement to discover easier ways of communicating.



Meet Mr. Mische

Mr. Michael Mische

Mr. Michael Mische, the great and powerful Oz, is on site to assist with your financing options. Michael is Financial Director of Colorful Hearing.  With an M.B.A. from Darden Business School, Michael assists people with the accumulation and management of wealth. As a former Army Ranger and Green Beret, he understands the special challenges Veterans face, in the sacrifice they made for our country.



Meet Ammo

Colorful Hearing’s wonder dog - Ammo

The clinic puppy Ammo will make you feel good about a bad hair day. Ammo got his name because he runs fast as a bullet, however after a good grooming, his nickname “The Cloud” fits better. Ammo is a Coton de Tulear who came from California because of the booming economy in Texas. Around these parts, we call his tribe, “Cottons”. Ammo’s job at Colorful Hearing is to offer snuggles and fend off flying monkeys.